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Florists in Seattle Washington

Florists in Seattle Washington

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10 Ways to Save on Your Flower Decorating Budget

10 Ways to Save on Your Flower Decorating Budget Fresh cut flowers can be pricey. Try a few of these tricks to save your budget and still have a memorable affair:

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  1. Float flowers in water: Filling an entire vase with blooms is pricey, but floating, a few bloom heads in a pretty bowl looks modern but doesn't cost a lot.
  2. Use rose petals instead of the entire blossom: Fifteen roses will yield approximately 200 petals--perfect for scattering on a table with pretty candlesticks.
  3. Buds and votive candles: Single blooms in bud vases clustered around flickering votive candles looks beautiful but doesn't cost a lot.
  4. Use Grasses: Grasses and other interesting plants can add bulk to sparse floral arrangements or can be used independently to add a natural, organic feel to any event.
  5. Cluster potted plants: Galvanized tin urns, distressed wood boxes, silver pails, or terra cotta pots filled with herbs or annuals bring a fresh touch to a garden party.
  6. Stay seasonal: Order flowers that are in season. It's a lot less expensive and risky than ordering a plant from another country.
  7. Go with simple, low centerpieces: They require fewer flowers and less labor--and are therefore less costly--than tall, elaborate arrangements.
  8. Spend wisely: Spend money on the reception, where people will see the flowers for four to five hours. Ceremony flowers will only be seen for a short while
  9. Avoid the do-it-yourself route: Flower- arranging amateurs almost always overbuy.
  10. Steer clear of the holidays: Consumers pay a lot more for blooms around the big flower-giving days like Valentine's Day and Christmas

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2009 Trends in Flowers

2009 Trends in FlowersMuch like every other facet of our lives, including the clothes we wear, the fad diets we try and the music we listen to, flower arrangements follow trends -- especially when it comes to weddings. This year, it's go bright or go home!

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  • Hot Pinks
  • Yellows
  • Chartreuse
  • Mango

Jewel tones, such as amethyst, deep red, emerald and rich magenta, are classic favorites that never seem to go out of style. Monochromatic flower arrangements have been very popular in 2009, offering a modern, minimalist feel.

Prom flowers trends have taken creativity to the next level this year. Traditional prom corsages and boutonnieres weren't the only floral accessory to see the dance floor in 2009. If you can dream it, your Seattle florist can create it -- ask how you can design your own floral prom accessory! The following items were among the popular prom accessories this year:

  • Hair pins
  • Rings
  • Tiaras
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

Add some glitter and rhinestones for the most beautiful and unique floral accessory at the dance. In 2009, the biggest floral trend is innovation!

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Appropriate Funeral Flowers

Appropriate Funeral FlowersSending flowers after the death of a loved one is a common and thoughtful gesture. What is the proper funeral flower etiquette? You may be concerned that a particular floral arrangement seems too bright or cheerful for a funeral, but fear not. A memorial service is meant to honor a person's life, and vibrant colors are helpful in celebrating the deceased. When choosing appropriate funeral flowers, consider the following:

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  • Sympathy sprays: floral arrangements that are displayed on a standing easel, making an attractive presentation. They are designed to be viewed from one side only.
  • Wreaths and specialty arrangements: flowers can be arranged to resemble a cross, bible, heart or other symbol. Circular wreaths symbolize eternal life.
  • Funeral baskets: these flower arrangements are displayed in beautiful baskets or other containers, making them easy to transport
  • Green and blooming plants: potted plants are also an appropriate gesture for showing sympathy and offering condolence.
  • Vase arrangements: flowers arranged in a vase offer great flexibility; send a vase arrangement to the family or friends of the recently deceased.
  • Casket spray: floral arrangements that are placed on top of the casket. These items are typically ordered by the immediate family.

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Why Women Still Love Roses

Why Women Still Love RosesGiving a woman roses may seem like a cliché, outdated tradition, but it's not! Roses are the ultimate romantic icon, signifying long lasting love and beauty everlasting. This flower is not only beautiful, but its aroma can bring life to a lackluster room. A single red rose, or better yet, a bouquet of red roses, is a gift that will surely bring a smile to your loved one's face. Why do women love receiving roses?

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  • They signify romance. What could be more romantic than a bed covered in rose pedals?
  • They smell great. Fresh-cut roses offer, quite possibly, one of the best scents on earth.
  • They symbolize true love and beauty. Who doesn't appreciate love and beauty?
  • They are a beautiful creation. All symbolism aside, roses are aesthetically pleasing.

If there is anything to be learned from romantic comedies, it is that women love receiving roses! At the end of the movie, the knight in shining armor will appear before his lady with roses (and perhaps a box of chocolates). She will swoon, and they will live happily ever after! Who knew that happily ever after was as easy as a bouquet of roses? Of course, there are no guarantees on requited love, but you have nothing to lose! When in doubt, give her roses.

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